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Fashion photography is all about concept and story. The most important part of fashion photography is how you translate a story visually, and how you apply your own creative style to a certain idea. Over time you will find out exactly what sort of stories you like to shoot, and you will develop favorite lighting scenarios and subject matter. Your photos will start to take on a life of their own


The person behind all the photoshoot is the owner of the company (Aperture 7 Studios)Mr.Mike Arora with a team of some the best professional photographers in Delhi ( India ), Fashion photographer,  product photographers, stylists, designers, makeup artists and image editors who live and breathe their passion. Together we have the ability of finding synergies in our creativity and your vision to create fantastic, empowering photographs. Mikefotogrfee  is here provides you the excellent fashion Photoshoot . We provide you the best quality images to you. Our vision is to work with full commitement   and provide you the best results which helps in taking your business to next level

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